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THE OC - A Fan Community

The Community for German THE OC Fans!
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Welcome to occ_reality, the community for fans of the serial O.C., California!

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This is a German community!

You can post

- Icons
- Blends
- FanFics (Slash is very welcomed!!!)
- Pics

You can also start discussions about the newest episode.

1.) Please keep Off Topic matters to a minimum. Make sure that the discussions have something to do with the actors or actresses of O.C., California.

2.) Be nice and polite. If someone bothers or provoces you - ignore him. Tell me, and I'll check it out.

3.) If you're putting up a fic, please make sure you have a rating, especially if it's R or NC-17. If your story contains something that should warrant a warning so as to prevent people from stumbling in (ie. deathfic), please put that in the notes.

4.) If you're posting pictures or blends put them under LJ cut if they are large or if you're posting multiple pictures. If you don't know how to do LJ-cut, go here.

5.) If you're posting more than 3 Icons, make a teaser and put the rest under a LJ-cut.

6.) If you want to start a discussion warn the other members that there might be spoilers.

7.) Last but not least: Have fun!