The Sheep (schaefchen85) wrote in occ_reality,
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Icons nochmal

So, da ich mich so ermutigt fühlte und weil mir fad war noch mehr Icons

Teaser:  Image Hosted by  Image Hosted by  Image Hosted by

1.) Image Hosted by  2.) Image Hosted by  3.) Image Hosted by

4.) Image Hosted by  5.) Image Hosted by  6.) Image Hosted by

7.) Image Hosted by  8.)Image Hosted by  9.)Image Hosted by

10.) Image Hosted by  11.) Image Hosted by  12.)Image Hosted by

So, ich hoffe ich müll euch hier nicht zu, aber falls euch was gefällt:

-bitte commenten (ich liiiiieeebe comments)
-bitte credit in der Kommentarleiste des Icons (ich finds toll meinen Namen irgendwo zu lesen ;-))
-habt Spaß!
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